7 Interior Decorating Tips for Your Home

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Interior decorating is a skill every home owner wishes they have in order to make their living space look like a home designers masterpiece. Here are a few basic tips anyone can use to improve the look and feel of their home

1. Your Color Scheme

The color scheme is what sets the tone for any home. While bedrooms can be an exception to the color scheme rule, you always want your main three colors (for example: light green, browns and cremes) to flow throughout in your three main rooms: the living room, the kitchen, and the dining room. This will keep unity in your home as guests walk through plus give it the professional feel we all want in our homes.

2. Show Off Your Uniqueness

Every house should have at least one center piece that draws attention to the eye. Whether this piece is furniture or a decoration is up to you. For example a center piece for a dining room may be the overhanging chandelier or the  art artwork on the wall in the lounge. This eye-catcher is what will separate your home from the others and make a lasting impression to guests.

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3. Create Your Own High Ceiling

If you are cursed with a house that has low ceilings you can easily give the illusion of taller ceilings by having low raising furniture and vertical lines that make the eye go upward. Items that could make a room more “vertical” would be hanging pictures long ways. Also white ceilings and plenty of natural light can also make a room feel bigger so avoid heavy drapery on windows.

4. Much More Mixing Then Matching

When it comes to furniture or decorations that need duplicates to finish its look (throw pillows and dish ware for example) its much better to mix patterns with matching colors. For example it would be much more personal to guests if all the dish plates looked different but carried the same blue china color to it. Having the same dish ware set for everyone or multiple copies of the same pillow can dull the look of your home.

5. Use Mirrors wisely

People use mirrors in home for a lot of things, mostly to add the illusion of more space for a room by reflecting light that already exists in the room. However a big mistake most home owners make is ignoring just what the mirror is reflecting. Having a mirror reflect a door can make a room seem smaller and having it reflect blank space can be a little dull. Put your mirror where it might reflect something else that is beautiful in your home like an artwork or chandelier.

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6. Showing Too Much Leg and Not Enough Skirt

Although this sounds like a point at teenage girl fashion this actually applies to your home as well. Having many chairs, tables, and couches that show a lot of “leg” can make a room feel anxious or nervous. By having some of the furniture skirted, you can make the room feel more grounded and simple. A nice tablecloth over the dinning room table would be a nice touch.

7. Get Advice From a Professional

Of course one of the other options is to hire a professional interior designer like the folks at TX Luxury Interiors. They can help you make the most of your home on a small or large budget. You can even have an interior designer help you with the design but do a lot of the work yourself if you need to save some money.

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